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Following a two year renovation, the historic Hub theatre in downtown Rochelle is now home to the largest craft distillery in Illinois: Kennay Farms Distilling.

Grain from the Kennay’s 5th generation family farm is grown, harvested, milled, transported, and distilled all by a member of the Kennay family.

Adam Kennay, head distiller, designed a twin still system capable of producing many types of clear and dark spirits.  Vodka will be the first product off the still, with gin to soon follow.  Bourbon and whiskey will age in the Rickhouse just west of the distillery for 3.5-5 years.

Don Klatt, head brewer, brings his decade of brewing experience to the production floor creating recipes for standard ales, lagers, and IPAs as well as premium and seasonal beers.

Take the Tour

Turning grain to spirits is a delicate balance of science and art!  Experience this journey from the farm to the distillery with a guided tour of the production floor concluding with a complimentary tasting.

416 Lincoln Hwy
Rochelle, IL 61068

(815) 901-1512


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