COVID-19 Response

Kennay Farms Distilling transitioned to hand sanitizer during the COVID pandemic.

AVAILABILITY: We donated hundreds of gallons of hand sanitizer to local police, fire departments and healthcare facilities!  It is now open to the public for purchase. Visit us at our store at 416 Lincoln Highway or Order Online (see details below).


Totes (250 gallons)

Buckets (5 gallons)

Jugs (1 gallon) 

Glass Bottles (750 ml) 

Plastic Bottles (20 oz) 

PRICING: Our pricing depends on the costs of raw materials, packaging, transportation, and labor.  Significant discounts for education, churches, first responders, healthcare, and non profits.  Contact us at for a list of updated pricing.  


We have partnered with Sokol Custom Food Ingredients to bring you FDA APPROVED GEL HAND SANITIZER in single use 1.7 ML sachets with an Alcohol level of 70%.

Made in the USA 🇺🇸 with corn 🌽 from our 6th generation family farm. These individual single use pouches make counterfeiting or refilling with a non FDA approved sanitizer impossible. The perfect On The Go way to protect your family, students, employees & customers; pennies per pouch.

We can be producing with your logo or ours, within a couple weeks.  If interested please contact us at


Carryout and Tasting Room

Thursday | | 4-8pm

Friday | | 1-10pm

Saturday | | 1-10pm

Vodka, gin, rye whiskey, hand sanitizer, and merchandise available.

Thank you for supporting your local, family owned distillery! 

Order Online

The Crystal Cork Wine Shoppe ships our 750ml bottles.  

Be sure to add some Kennay Farms Distilling Vodka and Gin to your cart!


  • All alcohol sales are non-refundable.
  • Shipments must be received by customers 21 years of age or older.
  • Because of state regulations on shipments of alcohol, currently we can only ship to the following states for online purchases¹: Arizona³, California, Colorado, Florida², Illinois, Indiana³, Iowa, Michigan³, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana⁴, Texas, and Wisconsin
  • If the purchaser is present at the Crystal Cork, we can ship to the above states as well as the following states¹: Delaware, Georgia, Kansas, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Rhode Island.

¹ Many states also have quantity limitations on the amount of wine that may be shipped.

² Some counties in Florida are designated as dry counties; we cannot ship to these counties.

³ Arizona, Indiana, and Michigan law require us to obtain a copy of a drivers license verifying the shipper is 21 or older.

⁴ In Montana, shipping wine with alcohol % higher than 16% is prohibited; therefore, we cannot ship Port and Liquor.


Bulk Order Requests

We have cases of bottles and jugs, 5 gallon containers, and 250 gallon totes.

Please email us at for availability & pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I purchase hand sanitizer? For bulk (50 gallons or more), please email  For smaller quantities, stop at the distillery lobby during open business hours shown above.  We have a variety of smaller packing available or you can bring your own container. 

Can you ship? Yes! For individual 750ml bottles see the ORDER ONLINE section above. For all other sizes email for a shipping quote.  Minimum one case or one bucket for shipping.

What containers can I bring in to get filled? You can bring in any clean container in to fill (but it is not required).  Some examples of containers that work well are milk jugs, spray bottles, mason jars, empty sanitizer bottles, and water bottles. 

Is there a max purchase amount? No, we do not have a limit on how much a customer can purchase at one time.

What percent alcohol is your hand sanitizer? 78%

What are the ingredients? Hydrogen peroxide, glycerin, purified water 

If you add Alovera (or other additives) to your sanitizer would it change the effectiveness?  Yes, any additives will dilute the effectiveness. 

Can I add essential oils? We haven’t personally tested this ourselves; however, we do not think adding a few drops of oils would change its effectiveness. 

Is it a liquid or a gel? Our sanitizer is liquid.  It has already been cut with water and in its final usable form.

Can I add something to it to make it thicker or more like a gel? We have done some testing with gelatin (and also with Pectin). While we were able to successfully make a gel form, we had to dilute the sanitizer by 50%; therefore we are NOT recommending customers use this additive. At this time we are recommending that customers do NOT add any additives to our product. 

Do you have any spray bottles or pumps? We have a limited supply of 20oz spray bottles available.

What is the shelf life? Since we haven’t had years to test this product we are not certain of its exact shelf life; however the industry standard is 2 to 3 years. Sanitizer beyond its expiration date may still have effectiveness because it still contains alcohol.  Even if its concentration has dropped below its original percentage, the product (although less effective) is not dangerous to use.

Can I get an MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet)? Yes, CLICK HERE to download. 

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