Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do you serve food?

We left the food to the very capable restaurants in Rochelle so we could focus on the spirits.  You are welcome to order in from any restaurant for delivery right to your table.  Booklets with local restaurant menus and contact information are available at the bar for your convenience. We also frequently host dinners with private chefs and local food trucks.  These events are posted in the Upcoming EVENTS section with more details on our Facebook Page. 

  • Do you have growlers?

Yes we do!  Enjoy a 64 ounce growler of beer at home.  $25 new, $20 refill.  Growlers will be filled and sealed by a KFD staff member.  Refills should be properly sanitized when they are brought in, but a KFD member will do a final rinse before filling. 

  • Can you ship a bottle of liquor?

Absolutely!  Use these links to purchase our vodka and gin from a retailer.  

Kennay Farms Distilling Vodka

Kennay Farms Distilling Gin

  • Where do I park?

Please see our CONTACT US page for a map that shows available free public parking locations.

  • Is this facility handicap accessible?

Yes we are handicap accessible.  Please see our CONTACT US page for a map that shows the locations of handicap parking.  The production floor is ADA accessible and our distillery is equipped with a lift that transports you to the tasting room on the second floor.

  • How soon will other liquors be available?

We currently have Kennay Farms Distilling Vodka, Gin, Rye Whiskey and a variety of craft beers on tap – check out our PRODUCT LINE page. Bourbon is aging in the rickhouse for the next 2-5 years.

  • How do I sign up for a tour?

All tours are temporarily closed.

  • How do I schedule an event?

Please see the EVENTS page to submit an Event Inquiry form.  Jen will contact you to plan the details.

  • Can children come to the distillery?

Children are welcome if they are well supervised in the private dining room.  Please discourage standing and bouncing on the chairs.  Children cannot sit at the bar. 

  • What forms of payment are accepted?

Cash is preferred to negate credit card fees but all major credit cards are accepted. 

  • Email additional questions to

416 Lincoln Hwy
Rochelle, IL 61068

Event Inquiries:

(815) 762- 0307

General Inquiries:

(815) 901-1512

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