Our Journey

Rick and Doris Kennay have spent a lifetime building their family farm and instilling a love for agriculture in their children: Kaleb, Aubrey, and Grace.  When Kaleb, Aubrey, and their nephew, Adam, returned to the farm, they looked for ways to diversify.  

At Kennay Farms Distilling, we bring you family crafted spirits created from local grain that is produced, milled, and distilled, all by a member of the Kennay Family.  As sixth generation farmers, we know a superior product takes care, heart, and hard work. 

Our Family

Rick Kennay

Rick has had a passion for farming and business his entire life.  After a successful 35 year career in seed sales, he turned his attention to diversifing the family farm by turning his crops into spirits.

Doris Kennay

Doris has farmed alongside her husband since they married in 1982 while also managing her own court reporting business.  She brings reporting and legal skills to the new family business.

Aubrey Quinn
Marketing and Logistics

Aubrey is Rick and Doris’ daughter.  She graduated from the University of Illinois with an Agricultural Economics degree.  Aubrey oversees daily operations at the farm and the distillery. 

Kaleb Kennay
Farm Manager

Kaleb is Rick and Doris' son.  He graduated from Illinois State University with a degree in Agriculture Industry Management.  He is the day-to-day production manager at the farm.  

Adam Kennay
Head Distiller

Adam is Rick and Doris’ nephew and is the distiller at Kennay Farms.  He served in the United States Military and holds a Biology and Chemistry degree from Northern Illinois University.  

Don Klatt
Head Brewer

Don taught Adam the art of distillation at the Rochelle ethanol plant and has been brewing beer for over a decade.  His vast experience includes innovative flavors to expand your interest in craft beer.

Jen Herrera
Event Coordinator

Jen brings so much enthusiasm and creativity to an event!  She is a graduate of Northern Illinois University and lifelong Rochelle resident.  She is excited to make KFD a premier meeting space for a variety of occasions. 

Molly Petry
Sales Representative

Molly grew up on a farm outside Rochelle so she is the perfect fit for Kennay Farms Distilling! She is a friendly face behind the bar, a huge asset on the production floor, and represents our brand at tastings and retail outlets.  

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